Meta's Q1 report is a cause for celebration! Daily users surged by 4% YoY and monthly active users rose by 2%. But that's not all - ad impressions across Meta's apps skyrocketed by 26% YoY while prices per ad took a dip of 17%. These results are truly remarkable, as if someone spiked the orange juice with champagne this morning. Let's raise a glass to Meta's success! 🥂

Don't overlook the obvious issue - Meta's layoffs.

The CFO of Meta has stated that the company is strongly committed to merging AI with ads, Feed, and Reels, as well as generative AI initiatives. Therefore, we can anticipate further enhancements in Meta's ad distribution and applications shortly.

Is Meta having a come back?

Why we care: Ultimately many of use use Meta products for both paid and organic advertising. To see an uptick in monthly active users is good news.

Titles are getting shorter

This update may seem overwhelming to some, but for SEO experts, it's just business as usual. Google has been shortening and simplifying titles on search results pages, sometimes even omitting brand names. While guidelines can be given, ultimately Google will do as it pleases with title tags.

Why we care: A page title is like a YouTube thumbnail. The appropriate title will receive more clicks, it's that straightforward. Therefore, if you have a particular title in mind, we suggest keeping it brief; otherwise, Google may create one for you.

Do you gift card?

Starbucks boasts $181 million in revenue from unused gift and loyalty credits, which accounts for approximately 1% of the company's sales and 4.3% of its annual net income in FY21.

Why we care: Starting a loyalty program? This is the ultimate proof you need! 🤯

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