Every April Fool’s Day, brands have fun with their consumers by offering fake food, fake products, or creative twists on their products. At MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, we always enjoy seeing what brands come up with on this day.

Here are some of the most intriguing April Fool’s campaigns (we hope they are jokes) that we spotted across the island this year.

Did you fall for any of them?


How would you feel about cutting into your own face? Domino’s thinks you might enjoy it. For this April Fool’s Day, the pizza restaurant chain is offering a custom printing service for pizzas on special occasions. You can have your own portrait or your loved ones’ printed on pizzas, just like those cheesy birthday cakes or calendars.


Durex is mixing food and sex - two things that most people love - in a surprising way.

The brand is back with its April Fools prank: The “Happiest” Meal which is only available on 1 April 2023. The meal comes with nuggets, fries, and a mysterious drink. Durex says there are some hidden treats that will delight everyone who tries them. The meal is free and can be claimed at two places: Guardian at Marina Bay Sands and Watsons at Bugis Junction, while stocks last.

Flash Coffee

For those who love coffee, Flash Coffee has something special for you.

The coffee chain is launching Eau de Flash - its new perfume line that lets fans enjoy the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee - even when they are not in its coffee shops. The brand says the perfume comes in two versions: Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, and costs SG$104 from 1 April. “Experience the refreshing combination of citrusy top notes and fragrant coffee heart notes, giving you an energizing smell that keeps you ready for the day. The perfume also has a cozy, woody finish with base notes of oud and tonka,” Flash Coffee said.

Gong Cha

How about some stinky tofu? Gong Cha thinks it’s a good idea for a “limited edition” bubble tea creation that includes the Taiwanese delicacy.

Gong Cha says the drink has its classic milk tea and soy mix with its “signature milk foam and a piece of freshly prepared stinky tofu”.

But since it’s only offered on 1 April according to its social media post, you might want to be skeptical about this one.


KFC is teasing its fans this April Fool’s Day by humorously censoring its tasty finger lickin’ dishes.

The campaign, which is on its Instagram page, also wants to attract more followers to its new page on TikTok. It worked with its social media agency Arena Media to do this.


Some people love salty and sweet combinations for desserts but this April Fool’s Medows went too far with soy sauce ice cream.

“It’s a flavour adventure that is both rich and yummy, with the soy sauce balancing the ice cream’s sweetness. You’ll be craving for more of this amazing taste,” it said in its Instagram post. We don’t know about you but we’re not keen on trying this April Fool’s joke.


The whisky brand known for its elegance and quality has released ‘The Goonlivet’ 12 year-old single malt in a bag, just for the weekend.


Tinder admits that nobody likes to see pics with fish on them. And even though it’s joking about the campaign, it says that teaching people to use better profile pics without fishy pals, is a serious matter.


Is there really anything that can be said about this? I know certain marketrnotes crew that would be all over this.


For sports crazy men who are gearing up for the Melbourne Grand Prix and Sydney’s Royal Randwick races — or just a wild night out, menswear brand yd. has introduced the Survival Suit.

The suit comes with a whistle, a device charging power bank, custom ‘return to’ labels, an emergency ‘get fresh quick’ kit and sunglasses. The suit claims to take wearers from the office, to the club, to the kebab stand, to dawn, and everything else in between.

Starbucks Malaysia

Our beloved coffee chain Starbucks joined the fun this year with its Rendang Coconut Frappuccino. The social media post said that the drink would have Serunding, a tasty Malay side dish made with sambal and shredded coconut meat.

Let's be honest, some are pretty funny and some are just strange. Turns out though, it doesn't matter if it's hilarious or not people love it when brands get involved on April 1st. Did you get involved this year?

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