It's the end of another week and here is your weekly wrap-up. Growth hacks, content formulas, and of course bite-sized news. Let's get into it.

Growth Hack: Ads perform better with people in them

Ads with people in them drive 62% higher conversions than ads without people in them. Get people in your ads.

Take Advantage of the Google Freshness Update

This latest update is designed to deliver the most up to date results.

Google has identified 3 different time-related queries:

  1. Recent events - these are search queries that relate to trending, or current events.
  2. Regularly recurring events - annual events, elections, sport scores, TV shows and corporate earnings reports.
  3. Frequent updates - these are topics that are frequently updated but aren’t events or topics like products.

Why we care: Not all results are required to be fresh. Many search results are evergreen. The simple fact is though, that Google does love fresh content / updated content and so do consumers. If there are two articles outlining a problem, one was produced in 2018 and one was produced (or updated) as of 2022. Consumers will want to read the latest version.

However, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be fresh. The query “How to tie a tie” for example doesn’t need to be fresh. The content is not really changing. However, a content strategy that takes the freshness update into account would produce an article that would service the query “Current tie knot trends”, or something to that effect.

Increase conversion by 14% with this simple change

This is a surprisingly straightforward way to increase conversions by 14% and sales by 28%. Use multiple CTA buttons with different quantities. For example, Buy 1, Buy 2, Buy 3. This changes the customers decision from do I buy it or not. To how many should I buy?

Bit Sized News

  • Facebook is redesigning its Groups sidebar, adding community chats, voice rooms, and more. It’s looking like Meta is taking its design cues from Discord.
  • You know those product grid snippets on Google. They kind of look like ads, well it turns out not all of them are ads, some are organic products. If you’ve been sleeping on syncing your products up with Google get on that.
  • We launched a content challenge to help you create a good habit, which will serve you well for years to come. Click here to take part in the challenge. It will be fun.
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