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Tristan Jud

The Small Creator Action Plan

Let's talk Instagram, shall we? While it's struggling at the moment there is still plenty of attention to be had on the app. IG's own CEO Adam Messori has said the platform is favouring small creators so let's take advantage of that before it changes with this small creator action...

Tristan Jud

How to turn Instagram Fans into Customers

While TikTok might be taking the crown away from Instagram there is still value in the platform. For most of us we’ve spent years building our Instagram following and let’s be honest, for most of us we still get on the platform every day. With that said here...

Tristan Jud

Paid ads 101: Creating your first Facebook Ad

Whether we like it or not the current state of social media is pay to play. While there is some success in organic posts on various networks like TikTok and LinkedIn the chances are you're looking for quick results. That's where paid ads come into the equation....

Tristan Jud

How to grow your Instagram Account in 2022

Growing your Instagram account in 2022 is still possible but the process isn't what you would think. Keep reading and you'll see what I mean. First up it's important to understand that Instagram is out of its growth phase. While there are accounts that still blow up from time to...

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