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Tristan Jud

Your 2023 SEO strategy

Happy New Year! The race has already started and we predict there will be some interesting things happening in the SEO space this year. With that in mind let's get your SEO in order. As we move into 2023, it's important for businesses to have a solid SEO strategy in...

Tristan Jud

How to Get Your Site Indexed Fast

You're about to launch your new business or you are just embarking on your SEO journey for the first time. Getting your site indexed is super important. According to Google Advanced SEO documentation crawling a website can take anywhere from four days to four weeks. Even then Google doesn't' guarantee...

Tristan Jud

Instant Fix to speed up your slow website

Fast websites make more money, it’s a simple fact. Walmart discovered a +2% in conversions for every second they sped up their website load time. Amazon noticed a 1% sales loss every extra 100ms of load time. 40% of website visitors will leave if they have to wait for...

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